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Blog posts September 2016

MXF to iPad Converter-Watch/Play Sony MXF movies on iPad Air 3/2 via iTunes

The right place for you to get detailed info on iPad Air 3/iPad Air 2 videos and Sony MXF to iPad conversion.

“Hi, can anyone help me to solve the Sony MXF to iPad Air 3/2 video playback issue? Just got the newly released iPad Air 3 tablet, and I want to copy some MXF movies to it so that I can w…

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How to Edit Canon C300 Mark ii 4K MXF files in Sony Movie Studio 12/13 Suite

This post is writing for people who are having issues while editing Canon C300 Mark II 4K .mxf video files in Sony Movie Studio. It explains an easiest way to convert .mxf footage to MPEG-2 (*.mpg) for editing in Sony Movie Studio fluidly.

“I have a Canon C300 Mark II, which shoots MXF-files. I n…

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Edit Canon C100 AVCHD MTS in Cyberlink PowerDirector in Full HD

The following steps will guide you through the process of using Canon C100 AVCHD MTS video in your PowerDirector project.

"Some google searching shows that i'm not alone with this problem, but i haven't found a solution .MTS files plays in PowerDirector (lagging terribly though) , where i get thi…

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Load/Edit MXF files with VirtualDub by converting MXF to AVI

To efficiently edit and play back the source MXF file on VirtualDub, by the way of converting MXF to AVI is an ideal solution. Here is how, read on !

Q:How to process my MXF files?
"Hi all,
I am completely lost with all the terms etc. I just want to process my Full HD MXF files taken from my So…

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