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How-to-tip: Convert Tivo to MP4 with No Video Quality Loss

As the TiVo service is ending in Australia later this year I needed a program to transfer saved free to air material to a non-TiVo format, for later viewing. MP4 is widely accepted by various media players, video editing software, and broadly used over the web. In stark contrast, other formats are supported by extremely limited devices and programs. For example, MKV, WebM, and 3GP are recognized by certain Android devices, but won't be played on Apple devices directly. There is no other format that can equal the compatibility of MP4.

In this case, the best solution for me is to convert Tivo to MP4 format video.

Are you worried about the lossy output quality after Tivo convert to MP4? Or are you encountered with the issue that audio out sync after conversion? You can actually use this professional Tivo to MP4 video converter from Brorsoft to solve your doubt, it is not only convert Tivo file to .mp4 file, but also keep the 100% quality, and fastest speed.

Apart from MP4, it can also convert TiVo to MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, 3GP and more popular formats. It is fully compatible with Windows 8 and there is a Mac version, iMedia Converter for Mac letting Mac users convert TiVo shows to MP4 on Mac OS X (Yosemite). Download the right version and follow the instructions below to finish your task.

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Step 1: After downloading the software, install and run it. Click "Add" to import all .tivo files. This video converter supports batch conversion.

Tip: When first loading, Brorsoft TiVo Converter will ask you to input your Media Access Key. Simply enter your Media Access Key, and click "OK" to confirm.

Step 2: Click Format bar and choose MP4 as output format. From the drop-down list of "Format" > "Common Video", you can select H.264 MP4, MPEG-4 as the output format. If you want to get HD video quality, select "H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)" from "HD Video" category.

Step 3: Click Convert button to start TiVo to MP4 conversion. The conversion process will take a while, and you'll see an encoding progress bar.

Once finished, click the Open button to locate the encoded TiVo files. Afterwards, you are able to use these files as you want for your portable devices, PC, media player or video editing programs. Enjoy.

P.S. If you haven't got TiVo files ready on your PC, follow the steps: Launch TiVo Desktop software on your PC. Connect TiVo to your home network, and then the TiVo Desktop will provide you with a list of shows for transferring to your PC. Then please transfer the TiVo TV shows you want to PC. Once all the shows you selected have been downloaded from your TiVo, they will appear in the Now Playing list in TiVo Desktop.

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