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Importing Canon C300 MK II/C300 clips to Avid Media Composer on Windows 10/8.1/8

While opening Avid Media Composer to edit Canon C300 MXF files, you may come across problems, such as only hear the sound, but there is no image. In this page, we will share the Canon C300/C300 MK II 4K/2K Workflow with Avid MC on Windows.

Question: Canon C300 Avid work flow ???
I'm about to start a feature shooting with C300 Mark II and cutting on Avid. I'm and editor but will be on the on set DIT for the first time. I know I need a good transfer program for the files to a drive and a transcoding program. Can someone suggest some good ones? I don't want to cut AMA, would rather transcode the footage first. I'm running a MacBook Pro, and will be on location a I can't be lugging too much gear. Thanks!"

Okay, I’ve been researching possible workflows for Canon C300/C300 MK II and Avid Media Composer. As you know, both Canon C300 and C300 Mark ii are awesome camcorders. With it you can shot videos with Canon's XF Codec -a file-based MPEG-2 compression with an MXF File Wrapper. Since MXF is not a good editing format for NLE system including Avid Media Composer. If you make the recordings editable before taking to the Avid Media Composer program, the incompatible error won’t happen any more.

It is easy and worth your effort, what you need is just a common video converter like Brorsoft MXF Converter, which can be used as a professional and easy-to-use MXF Converter for Windows(Windows 10 included).

The program is a professional and powerful converting tool for you, applying which you can convert Canon C300 MXF to DNxHD, the compatible video format for Danavic Resolve without unprecedented converting speed and unbelievable output quality. Plus, with advanced audio and video in sync technology, the program is able to guarantee audio and video matching very well. For Mac users, please get MXF Converter for Mac. Below is how. Just take a look at the brief guide below.

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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How to Convert Canon C300 Mark II/C300 MXF to Avid Media Composer

Step 1: Load MXF files to converter

Once you run the MXF to Avid Converter, click "Add Video" button or "Add from folder" button to load your source MXF files. When the MXF files are loaded to the program, you can view the videos from the Preview window.

Step 2. Choose output format for MXF to Avid conversion

Click "Format" and move your pointer to "Avid Media Composer" Category and choose "Avid DNxHD(*.mov)" as output format.

Step 3. Modify the video, audio settings

If the default settings do not fit your needs, you can click "Settings" button to adjust audio and video parameters as you like.

Step 4: Start converting MXF to Avid DNxHD

Click "Convert" button and the Canon C300 Mark II/C300 MXF files will be converted to Avid DNxHD MOV immediately. Soon after the conversion, just click "Open" button to get the generated files for editing in Avid Media Composer perfectly.

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